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Packing list for your trip to Namibia

What do I need to pack for a trip to Namibia? A lot of people ask me this so here you go!

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This is my recommendation for a 14-day trip with the option to wash your clothes:

(Keep in mind how many days you are traveling, if you will be able to wash on your way and if you need to pack light, this is just a suggestion to help you getting an idea)

6 shirts

2 long T-shirt

1 jacket (wind and waterproof)

1 sweater

3-4 short pants

1 long pant


2 pairs sneaker

1 pair sandals

Bathing suit/pant

Underwear and socks

1 warm socks


Cap and scarf in winter (winter in Namibia Mai-September!)


Hygenic articles

Body lotion

Wet wipes


Mosquito spray

Sunprotection (get a spf50!)

Washing powder/gel

Plastic bags

First aid set

Water bottle for refills

Camera and SD cards

Extra batteries






Flash light

Card game

Bowl to store leftovers or a sandwich

I hope this will be helpful for your tri pand makes it easier to decide what you definitely need to pack and what you can leave at home to travel lighter!


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